Helping Your Business Navigate The Law

Draft And Negotiate Terms Of Contracts With Confidence

Most business-to-business and business-to-customer activities are governed by written or verbal contracts. Careful attention to contract law is essential for protecting one’s interests in business transactions. Brooks Law, PLLC, assists businesses and private individuals with a wide variety of contractual matters. Attorney Alexis Brooks reviews, drafts and negotiates formalization of contracts, including:

  • Business formation agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Supply purchase and sales
  • Negotiation and formalization of service contracts
  • Resolving agreement issues
  • User agreements

No one should sign a contract without understanding how it might be enforced in a court of law. People who are eager to conclude deals sometimes rush to sign contracts without reading and understanding the terms and conditions contained in those contracts. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your interests as you prepare to seal a deal.

Avoid Trouble While Pursuing Your Business Goals

Regardless of the type of contract that you are faced with, Ms. Brooks can cut through the fine print and alert you to key aspects of agreements you will enter into when you sign. Ms. Brooks provides businesses with advice on the best ways to review, create and revise contracts to prevent lawsuits down the road. While Brooks Law, PLLC, is not a litigation firm, preventing lawsuits is a large part of the focus of the firm’s contractual services.

Our Pledge To You: Straightforward Communications

We are committed to explaining and drafting contracts in plain English whenever possible. We will not use legal jargon that you may not understand when counseling you on contractual matters. When legal terms are used in documents that we help you create, review or agree to, we will make sure that you understand the terms and conditions contained in each contract. We will listen carefully and answer your questions to your satisfaction.

Get Your Contract Matters Resolved Without Glitches

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