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Female entrepreneurship is a solid trend in the business world. Women no longer wait in line but rather, take on leadership roles from the inception of new businesses of all types. Connecticut is one of the states leading the way. The Hartford Courant recently reported the following impressive statistics derived from several authoritative sources about female entrepreneurs in our state and elsewhere:

  • Hartford comes in fourth nationwide among metropolitan areas with the most female entrepreneurs. Only St. Louis, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and Providence, Rhode Island, rank higher in the percentage of new businesses started by women.
  • The Hartford area has about 500 female-owned startup businesses with a total of around 3,500 employees.
  • Women own about 20% of business nationwide, including about 30% of startups.

The Women’s Business Development Council in Connecticut reports that one out of every 11 women nationwide own businesses. This organization also asserts that more than 11 million U.S. women-owned businesses generate over $1.6 trillion in revenues and employ 9 million workers.

With business activity comes legal needs. Brooks Law, PLLC, is ready to assist female entrepreneurs throughout Connecticut as they form entities, establish networks and ramp up business operations.

Ready To Assist Local Female Entrepreneurs

Attorney Alexis Brooks has helped many Connecticut women get their businesses off the ground, inspiring these and many other testimonials of appreciation from clients and collaborators:

  • She is “my ‘GO TO’ lawyer [who] proactively anticipates situations [and] solves my problems from an entrepreneurial viewpoint.”
  • She is skilled at “listening, patiently, handling … details… and weaving them into cohesive documents that mitigate … risks for running a business.”
  • She is “professional, diligent and reliable.”

Among the female entrepreneurial endeavors that Ms. Brooks has played a key role as a transactional advisor has been:

Through these and other business community organizations, Ms. Brooks partners with and helps women get started in a variety of enterprises. As a sole practitioner with diverse business-related experience, she understands what clients need, how to explain things clearly, and how to facilitate fulfillment of women business owners’ goals and legal requirements such as contracts.

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